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So, you have shifted to a brand new house, and it is beautiful indeed. But, you wish the size of the kitchen was a little bit larger. You need your space for cooking, and there are so many appliances and containers to fit in. Well, there is nothing to worry about, as we have brought before you some remarkable ideas for creating a Small Modular Kitchen utilizing the entire space available in your cookhouse. 

Yes, some indeed like to go with bigger sized kitchen and a few need to restrict it because of the small floor area of the house. However, if you know the right way to make a small-sized kitchen look spacious, the desire for a big kitchen will be fulfilled with the small one. Well, for the same, all you need is the support of professional experts. They will take your ideas and use their expertise to design the perfect small modular kitchen. They will ensure all features of a modern kitchen exist.

We have chalked out two methods to increase the efficiency of your kitchen area. So, without further ado, please check out this account to discover them. 

1. Modulating the Storage

Here are some fantastic solutions to accommodate all your kitchen essentials neatly. 

  • Small Cabinets – As the homemakers prefer keeping each category of utensils, containers, or appliances in a single cupboard, the areas in the conventional cabinets often get wasted, despite being large. Instead, a few small cabinets are more convenient to compartmentalize all the items. You will be satisfied that the full volume of your Small Modular Kitchen is being employed, and others will praise your art of skillfully incorporating so much cookware in limited space. 
  • Open Shelves – There are many tools and ingredients in our kitchen that we require while cooking every meal, such as oil containers, gas lighters, salt, and basic spice jars, and so on. Keeping these items handy reduces cooking time and eases the procedure as one does not need to open the drawers time and again with the food on the cooktop. Instead, the required objects can be placed on an open shelf, increasing the storage room for the kitchen. A subcategory of this kind is the copper shelf, which brings a different splash of color to the room.
  • Electric Cooktops – We all know how much space a gas oven occupies on the cooking slab, and most of the time, we adjust the unit to accommodate other items in the kitchen. You must have faced this issue while baking or making a wide spectrum of recipes where you need a lot of space for rolling out or spreading your ingredients, and the gas oven seems to be a hindrance. Electric cooktops are less bulky and are the modern way to cook in a Small Modular Kitchen.  One of the key reasons is that it runs on electricity instead of any liquefied or compressed gas. 
  • Plate Racks – Like an open shelf, the kitchen plate rack is another efficient way to keep all the serve ware like the plates and bowls in one place, which otherwise takes up space when kept asymmetrically in the kitchen wardrobes. These racks can be placed on the slab itself, but their purpose is most justified when set up on the walls.

2. Changing The Look

Apart from optimizing the storage space, your small kitchen can look bigger by modifying its aesthetic beauty. Please read below to know how this can be executed. 

  • Glass Doors – This uses some optical illusion to make your kitchen area look larger. It means that as the boundaries are see-through, one gets the feeling of their Small Modular Kitchen getting merged with the living or dining area, thus virtually increasing the size of the cooking area. 
  • Kitchen Mirrors – Home science and physical science have ‘science’ common in them, and here is one more scientific plan to make your kitchen look larger. The mirrors reflect the ambient light into the kitchen that makes the interior brighter and larger. Also, a mirror is useful anywhere in the house, and you can use it for viewing yourself even while cooking.
  • Colored Cabinets – If the cabinets are painted black or white, it gives a fresh and noticeable look to your Small Modular Kitchen. Covering the cooktop or cupboards with stainless steel is also a trendy option. These alterations change the proportions of light inside the room, giving it a larger than real look. 

It’s on you to decide which approach you will prefer to design your small modular kitchen.

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