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Modular Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is where we come to understand our past and ourselves

FAQ's About Modular Kitchen

1. What is the Payment Procedure for modular kitchen?

  • We charge 10% of your total project to initiate the design and layout
  • 40% as upfront as booking amount against the finalisation of design and layout of your dream modular kitchen.
  • Remaining 60% before delivery.

2. What delivery timeline Zardware offers?

Worry not as your selected Zardware modular kitchen will be assembled and embellished for a sure shot delivery in 45 days as committed officially by us. From the very day of advance receipt validation as well as confirmation of the final modular kitchen blue print, our dedicated team line-up the entire assembly procedure.  

3. What all services that are not included in installation of a modular kitchen installation procedure?

Following are the significant services that is not included at the job site during the modular kitchen installation:  

  • Electrical work (for installing or fixing the lights in the wooden or glass cabinets under the wall unit by removing, re- installing or shifting a few electricity points as per the requirement)
  • Gas piping
  • Plumbing
  • Granite cutting, removal (for the kitchen countertops with a builder issued slab) and installation or re- installation
  • Core cutting, deducting and removal form chimneys
  • Minor paint job that is required after cutting or adjusting some kitchen blocks during installation.
  • Minor Civil work and fixation   

4. Do I need to participate or take care of any event or stuff during the installation?

Only in case of renovation of your existing kitchen or an upgrading of an older kitchen, you need to undertake as well as look after all the major civil works. We do not perform the removal, disassembly or dismantling of any wooden, granite or metal part in this case.

5. How the delivery of my ordered modular kitchen will take place?

In this matter, Zardware prefers to rest assure it loyal clients the complete safety of their beloved modular kitchen panels throughout delivery as only top- quality packaging material is used to ship the wooden, metal and fabric modules in a secure packaging. We implement standard packaging ethics by utilizing innovative packaging and less fragile packaging techniques for a complete and happy delivery.   

6. Would I be charged for the delivery?

No, you do not have to bear any extra or undercover charge for an assured and timely delivery. All of the accessories accompany your purchased modular kitchen alongside other modules. You need to pay for only one- time charges inclusive of all taxes as a sole payment. We do not impose any sort of processing and additional delivery charges upon our clients.