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How Zardware adds panache to your Home!

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Zardware cares for your household the best! No delivery fee, no hidden execution charges and no installation charges, you only pay a price for your dream modular kitchen at the time of order placement.

Idea & Concept

Fascinating Home interior designs are invented only to compliment Indian households. Fascinating colours, lavish material and long-lasting life are the significant factors of complete home interior solutions introduced by Zardware. The shiny finishes, sleek patterns and fashionable accessories make your kitchen extremely notable.

Design & 3D

We perfect your sweet home with chic- styled to sober Home interior designed by the prominent designers by utilizing the cutting- edge technology. Client satisfaction is priceless for us and we are willing to pay for the highest price for it. We value the space, choices and budget you have for equipping your house with the modular kitchen.

Ready to Install

We deliver what we promise! Receive the delivery of your booked modular kitchen or Furniture within 8- weeks. Fully integrated with chosen accessories and vital components, our innovative modular kitchen or moveable furniture will be delivered at your door- steps.  

Enjoy your Dream Home

Have an ultimate lifetime experience with Zardware after experiencing the warm behaviour of our staff and professionalism of serving you with the best of Home designs at the competitive prices. Overall smooth operations since beginning lessen the hassles and enhance your comfort level with us.  


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Absolutely! Our professionally designers offer their consultation at an affordable amount of fee. The booking fee covers the 2 desired designs.

Once the initial level procedure is matured, our official designers will visit your place soon along with prominent Home designs and samples of carcass material, shutter finishes and countertops including many more. Our enthusiastic designers will provide you a clear insight after understanding your choice of your project designing.

Gladly yes! Once our skilled designers attend a client, they do welcome a client as a beginner in the world of modular blue prints and prefer to clarify all their doubts with their précised and professional answers. During the first visit, they tend to understand the client’s imagination, aesthetics and the cliché of a creating a Dream home. Once the client understands every thick and thin including all smallest but essential details, our designers explain the suitable designs an layout according to the space availability as per their skilled point of view.

Yes, off course! Zardware design specialists can provide you as many as sitting you request for in order to clear the concept of modular designing as well as helping you choosing the perfect designs for your place. Our core objective is to convince our client happily for a long- term fruitful relationship.

There is no hush- hush from our end as we plan our project designing  and installation moves after a client’s whole approval. Once the client approves of a particular design, we take interest in explaining the technology, benefits and life of that particular modular kitchen panel in a long haul.

We would be very happy to cater for your request of 2 iterations with your suggested changes. However, a small amount of 10% of the order booking post second design is applicable, but you can request a number of changes until you reach to your satisfaction level. Do not worry about this amount as it will be adjusted to your order booking of a project design.  We continue to work hard to come up with a final design you love.  

We keep payment terms quite simple and understandable. Once you finalize your dream modular kitchen design, we charge 40% payment as upfront to book as well as commence the practice.

When your indoor modular kitchen is ready for installation, we intimate you officially to make remaining 60% of the payment right before the delivery.

Zardware.com is a secure online portal for getting your home interior done and is empowered with the safest payment gateways. Our clients can clear the payment through Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking without any drop of essential or critical information.

We keep a strict eye and have embedded security to protect your online payment procedure from harmful bugs and issues.

Yes, off course! We charge 10% booking amount to get started with your designs and layout. Once we got the approval and client seize the design, we collect 40% as the upfront payment, we will provide you a payment receipt imprinted with all details via email. After the completion of the payment, the same will be followed for issuing a final payment receipt. 

As quickest as possible! After the payment confirmation, we provide you the exact date of delivery. On the fixed day, our installation experts visit your place at the right time to install the modular kitchen at the targeted location.

Please have a look at the Zardware’s warranty for modular kitchen breakup:

Doors                                                         5 years

Cabinets                                                    5 years

Drawer Fronts                                          5 years

Panels                                                         5 years

Work- Tops                                                No Warranty

Lighting                                                       No Warranty

Sinks                                                            Manufacture’s Warranty

Electrical Appliances                                Manufacture’s Warranty  

Taps                                                             Manufacture’s Warranty

Evershine Accessories                              Lifetime Functional Warranty  

Hettich Hardware & Accessories              Lifetime Functional Warranty

Kindly note that whatsoever the material is not listed above on the warranty list is also subjected to warranty as per the manufacture’s terms.

In such a case, Zardware team will be very happy to help with an amount of 1500 INR per visit. These charges are applicable after first year. Avail free service after sale within the first year without any hidden charges.  

Following procedures are covered in 1- year sale after warranty:

  • Complete cleaning of modular shutters and cabinets
  • Alignment of hinges, screws and other hardware
  • For water protection, refilling of silicone gel in the sink area.
  • Replacement of broken hardware or associated accessories

Aforementioned services are available absolutely free of cost. The service crew pays the visit on the 6th and 11th month respectively post installation.

Yes, Absolutely! As long as the reported part or device or component comes underneath warranty, it would be replaced totally free of cost. But in case the part is not available under warranty cover and will be imported externally that may pinch a little on a client’s pocket. However, all are accessories are available in the store but in case a brand discontinues the production of particular accessory may cause the case.