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Do you want to renovate your bedroom with the latest trending furniture? Do you want to replace your old almirahs and cupboards whose hinged doors you had to struggle opening without making much noise? Have you seen your friends and relatives get a refreshing look in their homes by installing sliding wardrobe designs? Then, you have come to the right place.

A cupboard design having sliding doors is now trending in the industry. It not only offers a contemporary and cool look to the interiors but also proves to be space-efficient. However, most urban homes remain deprived of the required space for adding hinged wardrobes and look for solutions. So what can be the right solution for such a problem? If the requirement is for space-saving storage options, sliding wardrobes is by far the best choice for you.

In this context, we have discussed some of the best Sliding Wardrobe Designs that we offer. Please read further to get detailed descriptions of each of them. 

Why Choose Sliding Wardrobes over the Conventional Hinged Cupboards

A sliding wardrobe has several advantages that make it a better option for storage. We have jotted its pros below, as compared to the old-designed almirahs and cupboards.

  • Compact and takes up lesser space in a room as there are no doors that you can open in front.
  • Spacious and can hold many items as no portion of the wardrobe is wasted for hinges or hydraulic levers.
  • It does not create unwanted sounds from its doors, nullifying the need to oil its parts.
  • Aesthetically, it gives a clean and sophisticated look to the room.

There are a wide variety of designs that customers can choose from based on the ambiance of their rooms, requirements, location, and surrounding furniture. Furthermore, the panel material and color can be selected as per the users’ preferences. In addition, one can also attach a mirror to the wardrobe for sufficing the purpose of dressing. Please find below the designs of sliding wardrobes that are available with us.

Lacquered Glass –

sliding wardrobe designs

The panels of this sliding wardrobe are made up of glass coated with opaque lacquer of yellow color. It is durable with a shade that shall add to the brightness of your interiors. 

Three-Door Wooden –

sliding wardrobe designs

This design is the best option for residents who are not keen on decorating their furniture and want to use it for purpose-designed. The wooden doors keep it plain and straight. In addition, the three-door system makes it easy to fit in rooms of any size.

Walk-In and Translucent –

You can walk inside this closet that gives a sophisticated feeling in itself. The doors are translucent and belong to one of the intelligent Sliding Wardrobe Designs. It gets crafted to restrict your garments from being visible from afar. Well, yet gives you the chance to get a glimpse of where your favorite dress is inside when you go near it, even before you open the doors. 

Mirror with Vibrant Blue –

What else do you need if your spacious sliding wardrobe comes with a mirror? You do not require running to the traditional dressing table now and again, as this is the right design created just for you. Furthermore, the blue color takes the aesthetic beauty of your room to another level. This wardrobe is also incorporated with well-divided sections to ease your storage.

Scandinavian White Matte –

If you prefer simplicity over anything else, this is the right choice amongst our Sliding Wardrobe Designs. The Scandinavian design of this sliding wardrobe, which is known for its minimum intricacies and maximum efficiency, topped with the white matte finish, is what you will thank us for. 

Six-Door Sliding Wardrobe –

sliding wardrobe designs

This is one of the most spacious designs that we proudly possess. You can fit in all your clothes, documents, and your kids’ toys inside a single storage unit. Now, what can be better than that? No need to maintain too much furniture around the house. Let all your essentials be located neatly in one place. Also, the color of this design is eye-catching, and the view of this wardrobe shall change the way your room looks.

The Bottom line –

We have more such designs to satisfy your necessity and attitude. The sliding wardrobes come with a package of wide storage, sleek appearance, colorful shades, and relief from rusty hinges. In this day and age, when everything is turning modular, why leave your cupboards behind? Choose your favorite style from our extensive collection of Sliding Wardrobe Designs. We have something for each one of you! Get a free estimate.

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