“Home sweet homes always need the durability, pop Living room designs can be fancy yet durable” Installing a good design when renovating or building your house is important. You might want to opt for something extravagant; however, not sure if it is going to last longer. Pop Living room designs are the best ways to ensure a long-lasting yet elegant end product. It is definitely hard to choose the appropriate design. Sometimes it is even harder to decide if you really need a pop Living room design. Here are a few pop Living room design to help you choose right –

Dual Pop Ceiling

pop living room design

Sometimes your budget can be constricting you to spend way too much on generic living room ideas. This is also a time when you can choose to look for something budget-friendly. Pop ceilings add not just great depth to the room but also are budget-friendly. One of the best pop living room designs for this festive season could be the Duel Height Pop. These are not just fancy but create the illusion of a spacious room. The architect can choose different heights of ceilings and panels to create such an illusion.

Halogen spots pop

It’s the festive season and a little more lighting is a must in an Indian living room setup. Halogen Spots are the perfect blend of simplicity alongside presenting a major festive mood change. These are simple false designs with some spotlights across the room. Pop living room design for this festive season can be taken to the next level with this minimalist approach. These halogen spots can be mixed with some simple ceiling and wall designs.

Edge lighting pop

When creating your living room it is always important to understand the effect of some great lighting. Be it your friends or your relatives, everyone loves different effects when breaking a conversation with you. Edge lighting is the perfect way to set the mood right. This simple lighting is done around the room creating a string of bind lights around the edges of the room. The best part of this sort of pop is that you can choose to bind LEDs of multicolor alongside various warmth levels. A friend of yours might like a dim yet subtle light. However, a relative might want a warm yellow light during the festival. This Pop Living room design for this festive season is a great choice.

Modern pop ceiling design for living room

pop living room design

You can dive into great edges and cuts in your living room with modern pop designs. This modern pop living room design for this festive season can be great for your home. Architects spend a good time building these false edges as they need careful detailing. You can choose to add some great pop colors for such designs. These can be combined with sharp edges and a great set of lighting across the living space.

Abstract pop

The abstract pop industrial living room designs can catch the attention of many. This can be combined with some abstract patterns on the walls and on the ceiling. You can choose to also set a huge French window pattern. Sometimes architects even love using string lights and hanging lamps to these abstract pops.

Stair pop ceiling design for living room

pop living room design

If you have ever been to a duplex house, you might have noticed these stair pop ideas. This stair Pop Living room design can add charming finesse to the living room. You might want to try this cool idea of using a stairway attached to the living room. Stair pop designs are usually elegant to look at and also deliver the purpose of space management.

The bottom line –

Lastly, if you are worried about getting durable designs, these pop ideas are the best. From thinking of a budget renovation to creating your own style, Pop Living room design for this festive season is a must. These options are reliable and pocket-friendly. However, it might take longer to create these beauties. These designs take longer to dry once the structure is created. Hiring a good architect is the best idea to create such designs.

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