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Pooja room is the soul of every Indian house that reflects calmness and serenity. It is a relaxing corner of the home where one can find peace, offer prayers, and connect to god. Like every household worship in a separate way, pooja room design also differs according to the preferences of homeowners.

Choosing a perfect design for your pooja room involves several factors such as the Vastu-compliance and direction, the amount of space available, and finally the aesthetics. According to the three factors, you can choose from any category including individual rooms, self-standing mandirs, pooja corners, and wall-mounted units to get your pooja room renovated.

We have enlisted some of the elegant pooja room designs and layouts for Indian homes you can choose from.

Pooja Room Marble Design

marble pooja room design
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Marble is the most sought-after choice when it comes to renovating your home. If you are having a big house, then choosing marble can be a perfect choice for your pooja room. The Marble-made pooja room looks classy and adds to the value of your home. It goes well with all kinds of décor and flooring. Moreover, it is long-lasting and protects your interiors from termites. However, marble comes with a lot of maintenance and expenses. It is one of the most basic yet elegant choices for the pooja room.

Wooden Design Pooja Room:

Wooden Design Pooja Room

Nothing can match the class of a wooden pooja room. It goes well with all types of interior finishes and adds to the value of your house. However, a wooden mandir would require a lot of maintenance and proper care. Although, the amount of effort and maintenance comes worthy as a wooden mandir adds grandness to the space. Wood-made furniture, walls, or even pooja rooms add versatility and warmth to the house. However, always be cautious when lighting candles and diyas in the room.

Wall Mounted mandir:

wall mounted mandir

A wall-mounted mandir is the most preferred choice for people having a small house. It not only saves a lot of space but always makes your wall look good. You can install it in any corner of your room with minimal space. In addition to this, a wall-mounted mandir helps you save a lot of floor space and allows you to utilize it for other purposes. You can get a wall-mounted shelf beside your mandir to store important stuff required for pooja. Wooden mandir is the most preferred choice when you are going for the wall-mounted mandir.

Temple Style Pooja Room:

temple style mandir for home

Temple style is one of the most traditional designs for a pooja room. Most homeowners love to make their household pooja room look just like the real temple. This pooja room design is suitable for a big house having enough space to create a temple-like feel. This type of layout consists of several large shelves to place different gods’ statues just like we see in a real temple. You can also go for a unique pooja room shelf design or false ceiling design to give the same feel as a temple.

Pooja Mandir in The Corner:

This is one of the most popular pooja room designs opted by small house owners. It not only saves space but also gives a trendy feel and look. Its door and shelf designs are also made in accordance with the space available. The mandir in the corner design offers a much-needed aura to the room. You can go for the less used corner of your house to convert it into a mandir without any send thought.

A Word From Zardware –

There are so many Indian-style pooja room designs you can pick from, but the designs mentioned above are the most popular ones that can be fit in any size of the apartment.

If you’re still confused about choosing the best design for your home, feel free to get a free consultation with us. Our Interior designer will suggest you the best design according to your budget and space.

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