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“It is always a great pleasure to build that cozy home and to live the experience of choosing what you love for yourself and your family.”

Middle-Class Indians are people who dream of creating something of their own with the amount of money they have as their savings. Their happy space sometimes is just a space of their own or an average car of their choice. A middle-class Indian used to earn around an average of something between 10 – 20L per annum. This data was valid until the pandemic hit the world and India like any other country got a major economical hit. The middle-class Indian’s average income dropped down to a number between 5L -15L per annum. It is now even harder for a Middle-Class Indian to think of building a new house. In such times of economical crunch, great Middle Class Indian Bedroom Design can come in handy for that dream house of yours.

Here are a few ideas on middle class Indian bedroom design that can uplift the essence of the cozy space you plan to build –

Minimal is the new millennial

middle class indian bedroom

The more the number of items in the house, the less spacious the room is going to look. This is when a minimalist middle class Indian bedroom design comes into the picture. It is important to find the most essential setup furniture when setting up the new house. Sometimes if you just plan to stick to renovating the old bedroom, it is better to get rid of unnecessary items. Buy yourself something useful and decrease the number of furniture to give you some space to move around freely. Go 1:1:1 ratio including a bed, a wardrobe, and a mirror or a study table.

Going junkie this season

Going full swing junkie can be a great middle class Indian bedroom design. When you think of creating a junkie and rusted space it usually comes with hard work and less hole in the pocket. The idea of getting old junkyard furniture and home décor from the local second-hand market can be a great experience. Things like a rusted mirror can add a great essence to the bedroom. All you have to spend on is buying the junkyard which shall be a very pocket-friendly price. Also adding to the look of it is a small amount of paint of your choice. To keep it even more realistic you can simply brush off the excessive rust on the frame keeping it more authentic.

Vanity units for the storage

Sometimes it’s important to figure out if you need to just make your room beautiful or you believe in storage. Vanity unit setups bring in the right way to keep the room beautiful yet get the desired storage. When you think of spending on only one item with a huge storage, it saves a lot of unnecessary spending. When you think of middle class Indian bedroom design, the surely fulfills the bill.

Wrapping in the comfort of white

When you come back home after a long day, all you care about is to sleep. The idea of resting in a calm space with absolutely no color around is the most comforting thing. Adding to it, it is also a known fact that different wall paint colors are of varied prices. An all-white bedroom keeps the mind in peace. It also saves you from paying for different wall colors. An all-white can be the most desired middle class Indian bedroom design.

Wallpapers for the save

Many intelligent individuals understand the value of keeping the house under budget. The idea of using wallpapers on the wall instead of paint is fresh yet under the budget concept. Besides this, you might want to mix match the wall. The idea of using wallpaper even on furniture setups is the new cool thing to try. Just how a middle class Indian bedroom design might need.

Bonus –

Lastly, a middle class Indian bedroom design is worth it when accompanied with a little love. All people want to come back to is a lovely evening for self-care or a warm family time lying down on the bed.

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